>>>>> March 2007 Its Legally Possible to Register Westfield Sports Cars in Thailand

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Dear Westfield Sports Cars Enthusiasts, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your valued interest in our sports cars and would like to apologise for the models not being available for viewing here in Thailand just yet, but a demonstrator car will be available very soon!

The process for Registration has caused us some concern and we were not happy to import un-less this could be clarified as to whether it really was possible to build a complete car here in Thailand and legally obtain registration.

Finally the Good news we have all been waiting for...

Registration update, it's legally possible to register a westfield sportscar here in thailand, certain conditions apply, contact us for further details.

We have been talking again with the Transport Department of Registration in Bangkok and they have confirmed to us we are able to import Starter Kits and build right here in Thailand, the cars will be required to under go an engineering report by the Department of Thailand Engineering costing approximately THB 30,000.00.

Track Enthusiasts…

Now for you Track enthusiasts, You can of course build you own and race one of these cars, right here in Thailand at a greatly reduced cost, as you will not be requiring registration for your car and therefore no excise duty required. We will be happy to import starter kits for you to build or we can build them to your specification, prices starting from THB 340,000 for starter kits and THB 1,300,000 complete Ready to Race!

In stock

We currently have the following models reserved at the UK factory, Ready for shipping RIGHT NOW!, if you would like to reserve a starter kit, we can now take deposits for those kits.

sales equiries

Chrome Yellow SEIW Starter Kit, Black Epoxy Coated

  • THB 410,000.00 Delivered, inclusive of duties...
  • Post office Red FW Bodied SEIW Starter Kit, Black Epoxy Coated with lower seat pan

  • THB 465,000.00 Delivered, inclusive of duties...
  • Electric Blue FW Bodied SEIW Sport 2000S Starter Kit, Grey Epoxy Coated with Lower Seat pan, comes as standard with extra chassis bracing for full race use!.

  • THB 515,000.00 Delivered, inclusive of duties...
  • Please contact us for prices on complete turn key cars and other starter kits, we are also arranging a trip to the UK Westfield Factory for customer's to have a tour around the factory and get there hands on all the latest demostrator cars, please register your interest here in order for us to update you.

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