>>>>> March 2006 - Westfield break the sportscar mould.

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The wide body SEi is set to become a real head-turner with an all new, slender yet aggressive look that adds a modern twist to the classic theme that has become such a hit with sports car drivers.

Being a fast reacting hand-built British car manufacturer Westfield were able to respond to request from owners for new contemporary lines and sleek, dramatic curves. Reaction from the motoring press has already been positive and it's certain to be a hit with current and future customers.

Production levels are already strong with 400 cars and kits produced each year and this make over is likely to have the order book bulging at the seams. The nose and bonnet is now single piece of GRP removing the join line and enabling new engine vents on both the top and side to be further forward and more effective. While at the rear the Westfield design team has continued the modern theme with a startling new look that matches the speed and performance of the car itself.

This new shape will sit next to the current models as an optional extra and is also available as an aftermarket option for existing customers who already own a SEiWide.

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