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A Well-Executed Concept

    The new XTR4 designed and built at the Westfield factory in Kingswinford West Midlands is fitted with the 1.8 195 BHP (standard) DOHC turbo engine from the mighty, VW Audi Group is aimed at Track Day fanatics, who are demanding affordable easy to drive stylish cars with reliable power.

    There have been lots of other major changes to the new Westfield XTR4. It now comes with a larger cockpit and a different driving position to that of its older brother the Westfield XTR2. The XTR4 also has an all-new body styling at the rear of the car, with a new rear wing, engine cover and roll bar.

    Westfield Sportscars Managing Director Chris Smith, and his team are predictably very excited about this new venture:

    "The XTR2 introduced Westfield to a completely different market. Now with the introduction of 1.8 Audi turbo engine we're able to offer a car to a broader market place, and not just to bike engine car fans" says Chris Smith Westfield Sportscars will also be offering 225 BHP engine packages and performance upgrades.

Specification >>>

    >> XTR4

    >> Engine 1.8 DOHC Audi Turbo

    >> Capacity 1781

    >> Cylinders 4 cylinders

    >> Bore and stroke 81.0 x 86.4

    >> Fuel 95 Octane unleaded

    >> Compression ratio 9.5

    >> Valves Hydraulic bucket tappets /20 (5x4) valve technology

    >> Exhaust control 3 way Catalytic converter

    >> Management system Matronic

    >> Max power (standard) 132kw/195ps @ 5500 rpm standard

    >> Max torque 235 nm @ 1950 - 5000 rpm

    >> Steering Rack and pinion

    >> Lock 1.5 turns

    >> Brakes Disc brakes all round

    >> Suspension Double un-equal wishbones independent suspension

    >> Chassis Full triangulated tubular space frame with additional tubular side impact protection

    >> Wheel base size 95" / 2413mm

    >> Front track size 57"/1448mm

    >> Rear track size 56"/1422mm

    >> Overall length 145"/3686mm

    >> Overall width 64"/1625mm contact us -

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