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build your own - factory built - custom GTM Cars

Current ranges consist of a comprehensive choice of modern day Lotus Seven inspired cars offering you the latest in design, performance and handling with classic sports car looks, matching and out performing some of the very best in super cars currently on offer today.

Or maybe you want an out and out road legal track day circuit racer, the Westfield XTR2 or XTR4, both available in road legal/track day trim or dedicated out and out racers bread purely for the track to win!.

The choice is yours, that's the beauty of owning a Westfield you can simply adapt them easily and affordably to suit your driving styles and budget's, whether you are a keen driver or a professional racer at the top of your game, Westfield Sportscars have the answer to all your performance motoring needs.

If high performance is not for you, then why not consider the recent return of the classic Westfield XI (Eleven) Lotus replica still able to offer you great frills and performance from a real classic 1950's sports car fit for any road or track. contact us


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