Introducing the Westfield Sport 2000 >>>

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    Blistering 4 cylinder performance; combining Westfields road comfort with the high performance of a track day car.

    Performance Road Cars Based upon the same legendary Westfield chassis with all round independent suspension, our range of Performance Road Cars provides a unique combination of traditional sports car style with the best of modern design and technology with a wide choice of power options.

    All models share the wide body specification for the larger driver and have full weather equipment options.


    >> Sport 2000

    >> Available as: Starter Kit, Module Built, Factory built

    >> Engine: Ford Duratec I4

    >> Capacity: 2000cc

    >> Cylinders: Four in a line

    >> Bore and stroke: 87.5mm x 83.1mm

    >> Fuel: 95 Octane Unleaded

    >> Compression Ratio: 10.8.1

    >> Valves: Four per cylinder

    >> Exhaust control: Catalyst

    >> Camshaft: DOHC

    >> Ignition system: Throttle body injection Omex

    >> Firing order: 1-3-4-2

    >> Max Power: 192bhp @ 6750rpm

    >> Max Torque: 210.1nm @ 4500rpm

    >> 0-60:sub 5.0 sec's

    >> Transmission: Ford MT75

    >> Forward speeds: 5 speed all synchromesh

    >> Final drive: 3.92:1/ 4.09 option LSD

    >> Steering: Rack and pinion

    >> Lock: 2.5 turns

    >> Brakes: Disc brakes all round

    >> Wheels: 15" alloy

    >> Tyres: 195/50x15

    >> Fuel Tank capacity: 28.4 litres

    >> Suspension: Independent wishbones with adjustable shock absorbers

    >> Overall Length: 3660mm

    >> Overall width: 1610mm contact us -

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