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    Please find below some short movie downloads of Westfield Sports Cars and other Lotus 7 inspired cars such as caterham cars in action!, if you would like to know any further information please contact us, we will be happy to help.

Westfield Sport Lapping Converse

Jamie Morrow westfield test driver, demonstrating great car control in the wet.

Topgear an incredible lap time performed in a Caterham R500 - shame it was not a very comparible westfield - but this particular model also "Won" Topgear car of the year award for 2008, it just goes to show you, is it any wonder, lotus 7 inspired cars are still very much alive and kicking today 50 years on.

The main reasons why, they still offer true performance with raw driver feel giving you the driver The Ultimate Driving Experience .

Caterham crash, this short clip demonstrates just how strong these cars really are fitted with a full cage.

We're asked alot, are these cars safe in a crash, well we're leave you to decide after viewing this amazing short clip.

Take a tour of the UK Factory

take a look around the UK Factory where all the cars and parts are manufactured in house

Westfield Active Drift Experience

Get in a Westfield and experience the Ultimate Driving Experience!

The Caterham CSR 260 verses the Westfield Sport 2000S which one wins?

caterham verses Westfield contact us

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